Sleep Apnoea Is A Serious Condition


The Dangers of Having Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a common condition that affects millions of people across the world. In a nutshell, sleep apnoea is a disorder that results in shallow or infrequent breathing pauses during the night. This can be accompanied by heavy snoring, which is a sign of fatigue and a lack of sufficient air reaching the brain. While this condition is caused by stress, obesity, and other underlying medical factors, it mainly revolves around the deviated septum. This, of course, is a bone or muscle growth in the nose, which prevents optimal and proper oxygen levels from reaching the brain. If not treated in a timely and professional manner, sleep apnea can result in several health and medical issues.

Sleep Apnoea Dangers

There are several dangers associated with sleep apnoea. While the condition causes intermittent breathing, it can also result in severe insomnia. This is because the person is unable to get a proper night’s rest, and tends to sleep or doze off during the day. When night approaches, he or she simply cannot fall asleep. The condition can also result in a full cessation of breathing, which can lead to sudden death. While chances of this are low, however, it has happened in the past. The only way to effectively counter sleep apnea is by having a sleep test done. With years of extensive industry experience, area sleep experts and clinics are committed to finding the roots causes of this condition – and treating them right away.

Treatment Options for Sleep Apnoea

There are several treatment options available for this condition. If sleep apnea is found to be the culprit after the test, your physician will discuss these options with you. This can include reducing tobacco and alcohol intake, along with dietary changes and exercise. You may also have to wear a CPAP mask, which is connected to a portable and mobile oxygen tank. This will open the breathing passages at night – allowing for proper airflow and a dramatic reduction in snoring. CPAP machines can also improve respiratory performance, and are available for patients of all ages.

If you suffer from sleep apnoea, time is of the essence. It is imperative to have a sleep test done so your doctor can determine the best path of action to take.


Various Causes Of Bad Breath


Bad Breath & Some Of Its Common Causes

Bad breath can create an embarrassing situation especially when you whisper a joke to a friend or when you are about to kiss your beloved. Bad breath could be caused due to a host of reasons like poor oral hygiene, diet, disease conditions etc. This article throws light on the various causes of bad breaths, myths and measures for preventing the same.

1. Medications

Certain medications like Paraldehyde and Triamterene can cause bad breath.

2. Improper Brushing

Maintaining oral health is quintessential to prevent bad breath. Food collected between the teeth can rot, leaving an unpleasant odour. This odour is caused due to breakdown of food in the mouth by bacteria.

3. Food items

Food items like onion and garlic have a typical odour. Consumption of these food items leads to bad breath.

4. Xerostomia / Dry Mouth

Saliva is responsible for removing food particles present in the mouth. So if saliva production is less it leads to bad breath.

5. Tobacco

Tobacco consumption produces a typical odour leading to bad breath.

6. Medical Disorder

Local infections in the respiratory tract, chronic bronchitis, chronic sinusitis, postnasal drip, gastrointestinal disturbance, diabetes and liver or kidney ailment can cause breath odour.

Myths about Bad Odour:

1. Mouth wash can prevent bad breath forever – This is not true. Mouth wash will only mask the foul odour temporarily.

2. Brushing once a day is enough to prevent bad breath –Brushing needs to be done continuously for 2 minutes. Tongue also needs to be cleaned. These things will prevent bad breath only for the first time. However, with each food intake some food particles get stuck in the mouth.

3. Breathing onto hand lets you know if have bad breath – Talking and breathing are two different activities. When we talk air comes out from the throat. So don’t draw any conclusion simply by breathing onto your hand.

To prevent bad breath proper oral hygiene needs to be maintained such as brushing and flossing regularly. In spite of this if you continue to have bad breath, it could be an indication of an underlying disease or condition. Consult your doctor to know the actual cause of this problem.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dental Work


Over time, many things can happen to teeth that affect your smile – they can crack, chip, discolour or even get misshapen. Cosmetic dentistry is the kind that deals with the appearance (not health) of teeth. While in the past it was viewed as something that rich people and celebrities did, it is now much more popular and cheaper and regular people do it all the time. Common procedures include:

•    Bleaching –As we age so do our teeth; they become slightly yellow. They can also discolor due to coffee, smoking and other factors. Bleaching restores them to their pearly whiteness and makes you have a more attractive smile.

•    Crowns – crowns are used when a tooth is chipped or broken. It is interesting to note that crowns have the longest lifespan of any cosmetic dentistry procedure which also means that they are not cheap.

•    Veneers – these are a common option for many people and they are also used to restore a tooth’s shape and color. They are usually made of thin porcelain or plastic that is glued to the original tooth with a special kind of cement.

•    Contouring – this procedure is used to correct teeth that are in the wrong shape or teeth that overlap.

•    Crown lengthening – some people have gums that are very low so that when they smile most of their smile is comprised of the gum. A cosmetic dentist can correct this by lengthening the crowns of the teeth resulting in a more beautiful smile.

•    Overall makeover – this can involve a number of procedures at once. Basically, the dentist looks at the general appearance of the teeth and then decides what he can do to make them look better. Eventually, you end up with a slightly altered smile.

Who is the right cosmetic dentist for me?

This is a great question to ask because you don’t want to take any chances with your smile. The right cosmetic dentist is the one who has been properly trained, who has a reputation for great work and who has all the latest equipment to perform the latest procedures.

what are dental braces


Dental Braces

The way to straighter teeth & a beautiful smile.

Not all people are born with perfectly straight teeth. For many, teeth are often misaligned or crooked. They don’t have to live like that though; they can see a dentist who will straighten their teeth using dental braces. These is a system of wires that is attached to the teeth so that over time (usually many years) the teeth can move into the correct position. The amount of time will vary from person to person depending on how misaligned the teeth are.

All braces are customized to fit the wearer. The dentist will take a mold of the teeth and then based on that create your braces. After they are on you will need to go to the dentist at least once a month or as agreed. Your visits are so that the dentist can see whether your teeth are getting the right pressure from the braces and also make any adjustments that may be necessary. If you are wondering whether or not braces are painful the answer is yes, for some people there might be some pain because they are very sensitive. Most people only feel sore for some time after the braces are installed and also after adjustments. If there is considerable pain the dentist can issue a prescription for a mild pain killer.

Although dental braces are usually worn by children, it is important to note that teeth straightening can be done at any age. Because adults are more self conscious than children there are now invisible (basically transparent) braces available for them. In adults, braces are usually not enough to straighten out teeth; other procedures may be required. The treatment period is also longer because their bones are now fused in place.

Once the braces are removed the dentist cleans your teeth completely. He may want to whiten them depending on the condition that they are in. The dentist will also give you a retainer to make sure that your teeth stay in place. It is very important that you wear your retainer all the time as instructed because if your teeth shift you may end up needing braces once more to put your teeth in place.